Woodside 280 SUV Vs Motorycle


At 12:20 AM, Sunday, CHP Redwood City, Woodside FD and Menlo Park FPD responded to reports of a traffic collision on Northbound 280 just South of Woodside Rd. Initial responding units arrived to find an SUV on top of a motorcycle, with the rider and his motorcycle pinned. It appears that the SUV had dragged the motorcycle and the rider over 200 yards before coming to rest before the Woodside Rd offramp. It took firefighters roughly 20 minutes to stabilize the SUV, and extricate the motorcyclist. He was transported to a nearby trauma center with major injuries. Upon investigation, CHP determined that the driver of the SUV was believed to be under the influence. She was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI. CHP Redwood City is handling the investigation. See SOTs for more details.