Palo Alto 101 Freeway Potholes


At 9:15 PM, Sunday, CHP began receiving reports of motorists who had tires and rims damaged by a pothole on the Northbound 101, South of University. CHP Redwood City officers responded and located a large pothole in the number 1 lane. Cal Trans was requested, and the freeway was shut down to investigate further. The # 1 lane was shut down with a hard closure a short time later, and traffic was reopened for the remaining lanes. As Cal Trans crews were working on the large pothole, they noticed several more potholes in the #2 and #3 lane. Cal Trans has requested the equipment to repair the potholes, which will take time to get into position. Initial time of opening was about 4:00 AM, but that was before the other potholes were discovered. Lane closures are expected to extended into the morning rush hour commute, and only 1 lane is presently open on Northbound 101 between Oregon Expressway and University.

As of last update, roughly 15 people have filed reports of vehicle damage as a result of the potholes.

See SOT for more information.