EPI Media LLC (OnScene.TV) is a group of highly skilled, experienced photojournalists who shoot and deliver overnight news events in Los Angeles, and Orange County. OnScene photojournalists have covered some of LA and OC’s biggest stories, capturing exclusive footage on a regular basis. Every night, OnScene’s full time news team is on the streets capturing the events as they unfold. Eight full time, and six part time photographers, with a combined experience of over 150 years is what separates OnScene.TV from the rest.

We don’t just shoot video, we cover the story. Every On Scene photojournalist is held to an extreme level of integrity in their reporting. Story accuracy, and photojournalist integrity are top priorities. With a full time editor, and senior photojournalists on every shift, stories are reported clearly and accurately. Most stories are revised an average of three times before being broadcast through our notification system. Additionally, stories are updated with new information as it becomes available, along with interviews and witness statements. Information presented is first hand from the photojournalist who is there at the scene, from credible witnesses, or law enforcement / fire personnel.

Every photojournalist utilizes the latest in HD ENG technology to capture crisp and clear images of every scene. Every photojournalist is trained in low light capture techniques, and is expertly skilled with their equipment. They are also equipped with audio equipment for professionally capturing official, and witness interviews. Additionally, each photographer is a highly skilled editor who produces the absolute best broadcast from their raw footage in the field. Footage is normally scrubbed of graphic material before being published.

From the moment the photographer arrives at a scene to the time it is broadcast here at, average elapsed times exceed no more than thirty minutes. This covers initial scene footage from lens to broadcast. Additional time is required for stories including interviews or time sensitive material. Every photographer is capable of handling incidents rapidly and precisely. Video encoding, uploading, and processing occur in rapid succession allowing each photographer to cover more stories in less time. On average, each photographer shoots and processes three stories per shift.

There are currently four options for notification, as well as content delivery to our clients. First is traditional E-Mail. Upon broadcast of a story clients receive an E-Mail covering story information, as well as a video preview and photojournalist information. If required, E-Mail accounts can be tailored to your news services specific needs. Clients can subscribe to specific incident types, and ignore others. Additionally clients have the option to subscribe geographically focused photojournalists. Our second notification service is run through a private Twitter account linked to the On Scene notification system. This is a secure account where dispatch sends important story information, and broadcast times through.

All notification systems are broadcast at time of story broadcast, and are all updated when additional story updates occur. In addition to breaking news videos being published in only minutes, subscribers have access to download any video in the library. Powerful search tools allow subscribers to browse our library for specific types, dates, or incident descriptions. The downloadable library extends for the past year, and the preview library extends beyond that. If a download link is not available, it can be re-propagated within thirty minutes of a request.

On Scene Video Productions Inc offers a closed and secure system to transfer stories for use on TV, Radio, Print, and Web. All video is progressively rendered which allows for quick capture of still images for use in print or online. All NAT sound and SOT’s are high quality and usable for radio sampling. Whatever your needs we have the ability to accommodate you and your publication.

Please contact us for a quote so we can assemble a service package that best serves your news organization.