Paradise Hills Hwy 54 Roll Over starts Fire


At 9:19 am, two young men were driving their work truck to a work site on east bound 54 just east of the Reo Drive exit, when the a piece of the truck malfunctioned. The driver lost control and went towards the center divide. The driver was able to avoid crashing at that point and steered towards the right shouldered still at a freeway speed. Something caught the truck from the bottom, and the truck flipped and roll over.

The malfunction was the “drive shaft” of the truck came off and was dragging, when it finally caught on the road, causing the roll over. When the truck was near the center divide, sparks from the “drive shaft” dragging on the roadway, sparked a fire in the center divide. Traffic was slowed in both directions as firefighters were putting out the fire, and other were responding to the crash. Both young men were saved from serious injury due to a roof rack on top of the truck.

The owner of the company and the truck told me off camera, that he had just had the truck serviced, and one of the things that was worked on was the transmission and drive shaft. Traffic was slowed for 1 hour in the west bound lanes.