Otay Mesa: Man and Family Attacked by 2 Bull Terriers


DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 10-11-17   5:40 pm approx
LOCATION: 9400 blk of Carine Way in Remington Hills
CITY: San Diego

  1. An off-duty Border Patrol Agent was out walking with his family and their Rottweiler when 2 Bull Terriers came out of nowhere and started to attack them.
  2. The White Terrier went after the man’s 6-year-old daughter and her 1-year-old brother. The Colored Terrier attacked and bit the Rottweiler and went after the father.
  3. The father started kicking the dogs and screaming at them. The kids were screaming. Another off-duty BP agent (friend) was driving by and stopped to help.
  4. They were able to chase the white terrier off after repeatedly kicking it. They then were able to pin the other dog down and it calmed down. They were able to get a leash and put it on the dog. The father then took his family home.
  5. The white Terrier was found down the street by two women who were also out for a walk. They grabbed a leash and started to walk the dog up the street to look for the owner.
  6. SDPD officers arrived and took the dogs into their custody.
  7. The father came back and told the officers what happened, but did not want to be on camera due to job.
  8. County Animal Control came and took the dogs into their custody.
  9. The Rottweiler suffered a minor bite.

HANDLING AGENCIES: SDPD & County Animal Control
SOT(s): N/A