Oceanside: Armed Robbery Assault Spree w/SOT


DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 11/13/17 at 6:45pm
LOCATION: 121 S. Pacific Street / 2855 Carlsbad Blvd
CITY: Oceanside/Carlsbad

  1. Carlsbad PD responded to an armed robbery at the Carlsbad By The Sea Retirement Community.
  2. Oceanside PD responded to an armed robbery at the Southern California Beach Club (a hotel on the beach) with the suspect information closely matching the Carlsbad description.
  3. Both victims were robbed at gunpoint, the loss is still under investigation.
  4. Second victim sustained minor injuries from either being pistol whipped or kicked. He was not transported to the hospital for his injuries.
  5. Oceanside PD spotted the vehicle and made a “felony stop” with guns drawn.
  6. Since the SOT, Oceanside PD has since positively ID’d the suspects and placed them under arrest on suspicion of armed robbery.
  7. Contact Oceanside PD Sgt Jeff Brandt at 760 901-0723 for additional details or see SOT

HANDLING AGENCIES: Oceanside PD, Carlsbad PD
SOT(s):Oceanside PD Sgt. Jeff Brandt