HellHole Canyon: Rider and Horse Rescue W/SOT


A 17 year old female rider and her horse had to be rescued when the horse lost its footing and fell into a ditch with the rider trapped beneath the horse at around 6;30 p.m. this evening in Valley Center at the Hell Hole Canyon Preserve. The rider was able to free herself from beneath the horse with the help of her riding companion. She was taken to Palomar Medical Center for evaluation. The horse was lodged in a ditch upside down and had to be rescued by Valley Center, San Pasqual  Fier personnel and County Animal Control. A veterinary doctor had to be called in from Temecula to evaluate the animal who was in a very remote part of Hell Hole Canyon. The horse did not have to be sedated which was a plus for the rescue efforts. With the aid of Large Animal Rescue personnel form Valley Center, and firemen who dug away an area which allowed to animal to roll on its side the horse was righted and appeared to be shaken but uninjured.