El Cajon: Man Attempts To Hit ECPD Volunteer With Vehicle *UPDATED*



It was an El Cajon Police Volunteer, not a Police Officer that was almost hit. He was in uniform. The suspect called ECPD claiming that he would turn himself into the Police at the Police headquarters at 1:00 pm, but as of 1:25 pm, he has not shown up.

All information is basic.

An El Cajon Police Officer was attempting to give a man a parking violation ticket. He attempted to leave and the officer followed. This may have started at Greenfield and 3rd St. The man drove a short distance to a house at 3rd St. and Vicksburg, got out a green truck and jumped onto a pocket motorcycle. At this point, he attempted to run over the officer. The officer was able to dodge the man, and the suspect took off. They are looking for him. He has family in Alpine, but if he is heading that way, he won’t be on the freeway, as to the size of the motorcycle according to the Police. More info to follow.