City Heights: Wild Pursuit of Gunman, Ends in Crashes and Capture w/SOT


At approx 12:25 pm, San Diego Police Officers spotted a truck that was being driven and was suspected in a shooting from several weeks ago. The officers pulled the truck over at the 7/11 Store at 3105 Fairmount Ave. The driver then fled in the truck with the officers in pursuit. The driver headed north at high speed endangering other drivers and pedestrians and after a change of direction at 43rd and Orange Ave., the driver drove through the property of Central Elementry School and demolished two different main gates on either side of the school.  As he approached 41st and University, he drove through San Diego Fire Station 17’s frontage property and hit their chain-linked fence.  The fencing wrapped around his rear right wheels and brought the truck to a stop. The suspect then got out of the truck with a gun in his hand. The officers ordered the suspect to drop the gun and he complied. As the officers start to detain the suspect, he starts resisting. The officers then used straps to “hog tie” the suspect. Medical is called for minor injuries to the suspect from the crashes. University Ave was blocked for traffic for approx 1 hour between 41st Street and the I-15. Heroin and Meth were found in the truck.