San Jose Water Rescues


At 7:30 PM Sunday, SJPD and SJFD responded to reports of a vehicle trapped in flood waters on Bailey, West of Santa Theresa. Initial responding units arrived to find a lone vehicle, occupied by two, which was trapped in rising flood waters. SJFD’s USAR responded with boats, and after determining that the flood waters were low enough to walk in, made access to the trapped motorists, and brought them to dry land. The two motorists were unharmed. See SOTs for more details.

Roughyl 2 hours later, SJPD officers were in the vicinity of Santa Theresa and Bailey Rd for a water rescue Sunday evening. At approximately 9:30 PM, an Officer requested SJFD for assistance, after finding their vehicle overcome by flood waters almost 1/2 mile from the original rescue.  Flood waters had risen dramatically in the area in a short period of time, and SJFD responded and put a ladder across to the flooded patrol car, and the officer was freed. The vehicle was flooded out on the right side, and at least 2 feet of flowing water was visible on the lefthand side of the vehicle. See SOT for more details.