San Diego Bay: Body Found In 55 Gallon Drum


DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 10-12-17  12:20 pm
LOCATION: South San Diego Bay
CITY: Chula Vista

  1. Diver in a boat discovered a white 55-gallon drum near the surface of the bay. It was anchored with cinder blocks to the bottom of the bay.
  2. He called the SD Harbor Police, who came out and retrieved the drum.
  3. An SDHP officer opened the drum once he was suited up in a HazMat Suit and a human body was discovered inside.
  4. More officers and detectives arrived along with the Police chiefs of the Harbor Police and Chula Vista.
  5. The Medical Examiner will be coming to get the body.
  6. Detectives will be heading back out into the bay with Police divers to look for more evidence.

HANDLING AGENCIES: Chula Vista Police Department, San Diego Harbor Police Department.
SOT(s): CVPD Acting Captain Eric Thunberg