Glassell Park Water Rescue


At 10:49 p.m. Friday night LAFD responded to a water rescue call in the 1500 block of N San Fernando Road. Crews on site located one male victim and his dog trapped on an island in the Los Angeles river, swollen with heavy rains. Two LAFD Swift water Rescue units began rescue operations. Both victims were successfully rescued after approximately an hour and the male patient is under medical evaluation.

[LAFD ALERT] Rescue 12/23/2016
#Rescue; 11:49PM; 1555 N SAN FERNANDO RD; Ground and air response for a River Rescue. Swift Water Rescue team made contact with the patient via inflatable boat. Firefighters are providing the patient with a Personal Flotation Device and will safely make their way back to the shore. The patient has a dog that firefighters are rescuing as well; FS 44; Batt 2; Council District 1; BC1 BC11 CM22 E10 E16 E17 E2 E201 E210 E221 E25 E4 E44 EM1 HR56 RA1 RA12 RA17 SC1 SW44 SW88 T1 T10 T21 UR88; 5; 13, 14; Erik Scott