Florence Fiery RMG Rescue Crash


At 3:28 a.m. Sunday morning, CHP responded to a reported traffic collision in the northbound 110 fwy near Gage. A dark colored SUV was reported stalled on the northbound side in the number one lane. The vehicles lights failed and was “blacked out” in lanes. A second vehicle struck the dark colored SUV from behind, and the vehicle burst into flames with the driver trapped inside. The victim was pulled out of the burning vehicle by a photojournalist named Austin, with RMG News. The patient was transported in critical condition to a local hospital by LAFD. It is unknown if alcohol was a factor in the crash. CHP Central LA will be handling the investigation.


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  1. Hi Zak,
    Any chance we could use your video on our air (7News in Boston, MA) and courtesy you and/or OnSceneTV? Thank you!

  2. I’m trying to understand why the driver of the stalled vehicle remained in the car. It was inevitable another car would crash into it if the lights weren’t working.

    • money mitch

      safest place for the driveris in his car period! getting out of car is zero chance of survival impact would be certain death at those speeds.

  3. Tracy G

    I was there stuck in the traffic trying to get off the freeway. I hope the man survived and driver who hit him. We were wondering what happened. How scarry.

  4. I just seen your video on NBC News facebook page when i saw it i was shocked and happy to see fellow news journalist help the person out. Awesome video and amazing content

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